Leash Gear EZ Walker 3-in-1 Review (Redeemer)

Leash Gear EZ Walker 3-in-1
What It Is

The Leash Gear EZ Walker 3-in-1 is a leash with a built-in carrying sack. The sack has a waste bag dispenser, a mesh pouch from keys or a phone and a moisture proof and odor resistant waste bag compartment.  The waste compartment is great for a long walks or hikes in the woods with your trusty pal.  Should nature call you as a responsible pet parent will be prepared with a convenient waste bag and a place to store it until you can dispose of it properly.  The leash portion of the EZ Walker has an added safety handle which is worn around the wrist as you hold the padded bag handle while walking.  When not in use the leash can be folded or rolled and stored in bag handle which fastens around it with Velcro. 

Why Is It Useful?
Sometimes there is nowhere to dispose of your filled waste bags.  Carrying them for an undetermined amount of time can be well, icky.  Having a moisture proof, odor resistant compartment to store waste bags can be a problem solver.
Who It’s For
The Leash Gear EZ Walker 3-in-1 can be used with any dog but we think it's especially good for pet parents who like to go on long excursions in natural surroundings.  The EZ Walker is also convenient if you bring your pal to the park or even kid's athletic events.
What To Be Aware Of
The Leash Gear EZ Walker 3-in-1 comes in 2 sizes, small and large.  It also comes in 3 colors; black, camo and pink. The leash portion of the EZ Walker can be detached.  
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