WWE Superstars Women's Championship Belt Review (Mattel)

WWE Superstars Women's Championship Belt
What It Is

The WWE Superstars Smackdown and WWE Raw Women's Championship belts. The designs for each are similar and feature certain details that distinguish these belts from the WWE Championship belt. For example, these belts are white and feature "Women's Championship" printed along the bottom of the center logo. The Smackdown Belt logo is blue, while the RAW logo is red. Both feature two side plates.

To wear the belt, it comes with a Velcro closure, which you'll need to attach to fit your child's frame.

Is It Fun?

When worn, we think these belts can offer some added fun for kids looking to play out the wins of their favorite WWE Women's Champions such as current RAW champ Alexa Bliss or Smackdown champ Charlotte Flair. Or simply just wear the belt as you play out the moves with your WWE Superstars dolls.

Who It’s For

The WWE Smackdown and WWE Raw Women's Championship belts are for ages 6 and up. They will appeal to fans of the WWE, WWE Superstars, and those looking to roleplay as their favorite female wrestlers.

What To Be Aware Of

The attachable Velcro closure is the one feature we weren't fans of. To us, it seemed a bit cheap, and if your child goes through a growth spurt she can easily outgrow it. We suggest fitting it perhaps a bit larger than your child's frame so she can grow into it if needed.

These roleplay toys are part of a full line of WWE toys for boys and girls. Click here for more WWE and WWE Superstars toys to add to your collection.

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