iBaby Care Monitor M7 Review (iBaby Labs)

iBaby Care Monitor M7
What It Is

The iBaby Care Monitor M7 is a baby monitor that does it all. Sure, you can keep your baby in view, but it also has built-in soothing features and sensors that will alert you to motion, sound, temperature, humidity, air quality, and even smell in your baby's room.

The monitor uses wi-fi to connect to the iBaby Care app that you'll need to download onto your iOS or Android device. Once connected, you use your smart device as the parent unit to control the baby monitor. 

The camera has a 360-degree pan and a 140-degree tilt feature so that you're always keeping baby in view. And the 1080p camera uses infrared night vision to allow you to clearly see your baby in the dark. From the app, you can record video and take pictures of your baby, and even share them with friends and family.

If you need to soothe your baby, there is a two-way talk feature so that baby can hear your voice or you can turn on the built-in lullabies, songs, sounds, and bedtime stories. The baby monitor also has a Moonlight Soother to project the moon and stars onto the ceiling.

The monitor will also send notifications to your smart device when motion or sound is detected in baby's room, and you can set up alerts to help you remember when to do the next diaper change or feeding.

For even more peace of mind, you can view the temperature, humidity, and air quality in your baby's room through the app. The monitor's air sensors can detect volatile organic compounds, such as carbon monoxide and cigarette smoke, while smell sensors can detect soiled garments and dirty diapers.

Why Is It Useful?

This baby monitor really does have it all for tech-savvy parents who want the extra peace-of-mind features. It's a monitor, a soother, a feeding log, and an air sensor all combined to help parents keep tabs on their baby and ensure that their baby is sleeping in a comfortable environment. And having a smart device as the parent unit offers convenience so that parents can keep track of baby even when they're at work or on a date night.

Who It’s For

The iBaby Care Monitor M7 is a total package baby monitor for parents who want the ultimate in technology and peace-of-mind features when monitoring their baby.

What To Be Aware Of

The baby monitor comes with a camera base and a power adapter that plugs into an A/C wall outlet.

If you use the iBaby Care app on an Android device, it will only work on an Android smartphone, not a tablet. The app is compatible on iOS devices with iOS 9 or higher.

Additional cameras can be added to the app, and those are sold separately.

An unlimited number of users can have access to this baby monitor, but only four users can access it at one time.

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