Num Noms Series 5 Starter Packs Review (MGA Entertainment)

Num Noms Series 5 Starter Packs
What It Is

Get your series 5 Num Noms collection started with the Num Noms Series 5 Starter Packs. There are four to collect across different themes, including marshmallow squares, jelly rolls, marble ice cream, and croissants. Each one comes with three scented Nums, one scented glitter lip gloss, two play accessories, and a collector's guide. Plus the cupcake tray packaging can double as display and storage for a collection.

Marshmallow Squares include Nancy Nea-politan, Sprinkle Berry Treats, C.C. Crunch, and Sugar Cookie Gloss-Up. Jelly Rolls comes with Cookie Cake Roll, Straw-Kitty, Princess B.G. Jelly Roll, and Blueberry Gloss-Up. Croissants comes with Berry Bella, Caramel Croissant, Birthday Bernadette, and Very Cherry Gloss-Up. And in the Marble Ice Cream Starter Pack you get Strawberry Sundae, Mango Marble, Wild Berry Whirl, and Pineapple Gloss-Up. Each set is sold separately.
Is It Fun?

These packs are fun and easy ways for kids to add to their Num Noms collections. The addition of the play accessories adds some roleplay to the scented stacking play, as kids can imagine they are scooping up and serving up their Num Noms creations. And the glitter lip gloss is real lip gloss, so kids will also have fun wearing that.

Who It’s For

The Num Noms Series 5 Starter Packs are for ages 3 and up, and will be a fun way to add to a Num Noms collection for fans.

What To Be Aware Of

Each of the four Num Noms Series 5 Starter Packs are sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Collectability