Num Noms Lights Surprise in a Jar Review (MGA Entertainment)

Num Noms Lights Surprise in a Jar
What It Is

There are two surprises in the new Num Noms Lights Surprise in a Jar toys. Each one contains a scented plush version of a Num along with a collectible light-up Nom. The plush are squished inside plastic smoothie jars, and the Nom is hidden underneath the glittery pretend straw lid, so while you can sort of see what your Num looks like, you won't know what scent it is or which Nom you're getting until you open the jar.

There are four scented characters to collect: Nea Snow, Candy Sparkle Snow, Triple Berry Icy, and Bubble Gum Slushy. Press down on the top of the Nom to make it light up, insert it into the plush toy, and watch the plush toy light up.

Plus, the smoothie jars can be used as piggy banks thanks to the coin slot on the side or as storage for your regular Num Noms collection.

Is It Fun?

Num Noms fans will have fun hugging and smelling these cute scented characters, and they'll really like the double surprise of getting the plush toy and the light-up Nom in one package. This is just another way for fans to stack and play.

Who It’s For

Num Noms Lights Surprise in a Jar is for ages 3 and up, and will be a fun way for Num Noms fans to add to their collections.

What To Be Aware Of

Three cell batteries are included but are non-replaceable.

Each Num Noms Lights Surprise in a Jar is sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 cell batteries required