Don't Step In It! Review (Hasbro)

Don't Step In It!
What It Is

Don't Step In It! is a skill-and-action game in which players put on some blindfolds and must step carefully across the included mat to dodge stepping in doggie doo. But don't worry, the game uses poo-colored Play-Doh compound and poo-shaped molds to create the faux dog doo to use. Although fair warning: stepping in it blindfolded definitely still gives you that same gross-out feel. 


To set-up, use the four cans of compound to create five "poops" to place around the mat in different locations. Be sure whoever is going first isn't looking. Next, all players take off their socks and shoes. 


The youngest player goes first. Put on a blindfold and have another player spin the spinner. Whatever number appears you must take at least that number of steps across the mat. If the spinner lands on an Add a Poop symbol, add a poop to the mat. If the spinner lands on a Remove a Poop symbol, remove a poop from the mat. If the spinner lands on a Rearrange all the poops symbol, rearrange them. If a player does not take the required number of steps they must start over. Keep going until you reach the other side. Then, remove the blindfold and count up the number of poops you stepped in. Place any poops stepped in back into the molds to reshape for the next player. Play continues until all players go. The player at the end that stepped in the least poops wins! 

Is It Fun?

This is an easy-to-play game that is perfect for preschoolers (or anyone really) that loves the gross and silly potty humor of the game...just make sure they don't get any ideas about playing with real dog doo. 

Who It’s For

Don't Step In It! is for ages 4 and up from Hasbro. The game taps into the silly potty humor and fun of the current "poop" toy trend we are seeing in the market in 2018. Kids will love the laugh out loud antics it will bring. Parents be prepared to take your shoes off and get in on the fun.  

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Rules: 

Once a poop has been added or removed from the mat, it must stay like that for the next player. 

If your foot gently touches the poop, it still counts. 

There is enough compound included to make eight poop molds. 

The game can also be played solo. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy