Sports Dice Baseball Review (FoxMind)

Sports Dice Baseball
What It Is

FoxMind's Sports Dice Baseball, is a dice-based game for 2+ players, ages 7+. Included are: 1 field board, 12 dice, 6 base runners, 3 baseball tokens, a power chip, and scoresheet. A basic understanding of baseball is recommended, but otherwise this game is quick to learn and easy to play. Pick between the red and blue team, flip the power chip like a coin, and choose who will bat first. At the same time, both players roll all of their dice - 6 batting dice and 6 pitching dice. The pitching symbols include a strike, out, double play and triple play. The batting dice feature a ball, single, double and home run. The team with the most of the same symbol wins the battle. Then both players roll again for the next pitch. Keep playing like you would a game of baseball. The tokens will help to keep track of the count, and you can use the scoresheet to keep track of who's winning. A three-inning game will take a manageable 15 minutes to play, but you can play all 9 innings if you'd like. There's not a whole lot of strategy or skill involved in Sports Dice Baseball, but it's still fun and has helped keep me going during baseball's off-season.

Is It Fun?
Yes.  Baseball fans will enjoy playing the game with dice.  
Who It’s For
Baseball players and dice rollers, ages 7+
What To Be Aware Of
A basic understanding of baseball is recommended.  
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