Barbie Chelsea Club Doll 2-Packs Review (Mattel)

Barbie Chelsea Club Doll 2-Packs
What It Is

Proving that it's double the fun with a friend on hand are the Barbie Club Chelsea Dolls and Accessories sets. These sets come with two dolls and pieces to play out favorite activities. Young dancers can choreograph playtime by taking these two friend dolls to ballet class or animal lovers can explore pet ownership by helping these two friend dolls care for an adorable puppy. 

The Barbie Club Chelsea Ballet Doll 2 pack comes with a Chelsea doll and a friend doll, who are ready for ballet class. These girls also come with a ballet barre and radio boombox. Plus, these girls are rocking proper dance attire: leggings, leotards and removable tutus and ballet slippers. Their outfits feature bright colors and sparkling touches. Removable skirts and shoes can be taken on and off for mix-and-match fun. Likewise, the Barbie Club Chelsea Pet Doll 2 pack comes with a Chelsea doll and a friend doll who are ready to feed an adorable puppy. These dolls come with a puppy, feeding bowl, box of dog food and bone for animal play. Also, they are rocking outfits featuring bright colors and fun prints with removable skirts and sneakers and sandals. Plus, some of these accessories, like the box of dog food and a bone, have handles that fit on the doll's hands for playtime fun. 

Is It Fun?

We had a lot of fun with these Barbies. Their accessories add to the playtime fun. We especially liked how the box of dog food and bone fit on the dolls hands. Plus, all the accessories fit and work well together allowing for realistic role-play.

Who It’s For

Barbie Club Chelsea Dolls and Accessories are recommended for ages 3 and up. We also recommend this Barbie for anyone who loves dolls, especially Barbies, and imaginary play. This doll is also ideal for anyone who loves exploring activities and friendship. 

What To Be Aware Of

Each pair of Barbies are sold separately. Likewise, we found these dolls to be a good size. They are smaller than typical Barbies, only being roughly 5 inches in height. Though it should be noted that these dolls cannot stand on their own.

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