Ken Fashionista Dolls Review (Mattel)

Ken Fashionista Dolls
What It Is

The evolution of Barbie continues and this time it is with Ken. One of Mattel's latest offerings clearly has Barbie's Ken up-to-date with Hipster inspired clothes, cool accessories and modern hairstyles. Yes, there is even a Ken doll rocking a man bun. Plus, this doll also comes in various skin tones and body types that helps celebrate us all. 

Each doll comes with his own stylish removable shoes, some with boots and others with sneakers. Also Ken has fashionable shirts that come in a wide variety of fun designs and sporty prints. Plus, Ken even has his own unique stylish bottoms, from Bermuda shorts to stonewashed denim jeans. 

Is It Fun?

With up-to-date fashions and unique as well as modern accessories, these Ken dolls are fun to play with. The dolls are also a great representation of our diverse world with skin tones and body types that helps celebrate us all. 

Who It’s For

These Ken dolls are recommended for ages 3 and up. We also recommend them for those who love dolls, especially Barbies, and fashion. The dolls are also great for collectors as they are truly original offerings from Mattel.


What To Be Aware Of

Ken is able to be posed, however, he doesn't have a great range of motion. He is not as flexible as previous dolls, due to the fact that his arms and legs don't bend. We wish they did. Also, his neck doesn't tilt either. It can only turn from side to side. For the most part, the whole fashionista line, including Barbie herself, is restricted when it comes to having bendable arms and legs as well as being flexible. However, the good news is that this lack of flexibility does not hinder changing Ken's clothes.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy