Bark Bath Review (Bissell)

Bark Bath
What It Is

The Bissell BarkBath is similar in function to their much heralded Lil Green Spot Machine which can be used on carpet stains. Shampoo and water shoot through special nozzles down to the skin and then the dirty water is extracted using gentle suction. That means your dog is never really soaking wet and you will conserve up to 50 times the amount of water used in a traditional tub bath.   Simply fill the water reservoir with warm water and then add Bissell's special no rinse shampoo to the shampoo tank . Plug the Barkbath into any outlet and you're ready to start bathing.  The bathing tool has a comb on the end which not only provides a soothing massage but it  also separates the fur and lets the solution get all the way down to the skin.  It may take some time for your dog to get used to the sound of the machine because it does sound like a vacuum or hair dryer but Bissell has a list of helpful hints to get your dog used to the sound.  The Barkbath is easy to assemble and comes along with a small bottle of mulberry scented, no rinse shampoo and a mesh carrying bag to conveniently store the accessories.

Why Is It Useful?
The BarkBath is an excellent solution for quick and easy bathing, especially for those dogs that like to get dirty by rolling in the mud or other things.  It's portability makes it ideal for pet parents that may not have the strength to lift their dogs in and out of a traditional tub.  The BarkBath also uses much less water than a traditional tub bath.  Also your dog is never soaking wet since the water is extracted right away.  This means no water world should Fido decide to shake it off.
Who It’s For
Bissell suggests using the BarkBath on dogs up to 80 lbs.  The Barkbath would be good for pet parents who have larger dogs or dogs that are difficult to get into a tub.  The BarkBath can be used on any type of fur.  
What To Be Aware Of
Use Bissell "No-Rinse" shampoo for best results.  Barkbath comes with a microfiber cloth for face and paws and a microfiber mat for your dog to stand on.  Dogs that do not like loud noises may take time to get used to the BarkBath since is emits a noise similar to a hair dryer or vacuum.
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