Hot Wheels City Super Spin Tire Shop Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels City Super Spin Tire Shop
What It Is

Part of Hot Wheels City, The Hot Wheels Super Spin Tire Shop, from Mattel, is recommended for racers ages 3-8. It includes one race car. Cars can enter the Tire Shop and ride up the circular ramp. Along the way, make sure you stop for a tune up. And then it's time to enter the giant super tire - pull the wrench and away you'll race! There are ground level places for your Hot Wheels to drive through gates, park, and add air to your tires. The middle tire spins but I haven't had too much success getting the movable blue piece to propel my car along the ramp. The Super Spin Tire Shop can be connected to other tracks and sets, but without them, your Hot Wheels will not smoothly ride along many of the entry points. Cars can jam inside the giant tire, so always make sure to drive through facing forward and entering only one car at a time. I don't love how the ramp functions, but children will enjoy the pretend-play of tuning up their cars, and will have lots of fun blasting their Hot Wheels through the giant tire.

Is It Fun?

Yes, kids will love how fast the cars fly out of the giant tire.

Who It’s For

Hot Wheels lovers, ages 3-8.

What To Be Aware Of

Cars can get jammed in the tire.

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