Hot Wheels Black Panther Command Center Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Black Panther Command Center
What It Is

The Hot Wheels Black Panther Command Center, from Mattel, is recommended for children ages 4-8. It comes with one Black Panther Hot Wheels car, and the command center, which requires assembly, and sticker application. Based on the Marvel film of the same name, Black Panther is not only a super hero, but the king of his native land, Wakanda. Our hero uses the command center to keep his people safe. At the center of the command center is a giant panther. Lifting the panther's head creates a path for the car to drive through. Open the side for an additional roadway. Want to check the computers and get a panther's eye view of Wakanda? A ramp lowers from the top, and the computer screen lifts up. The panther head looks cool, and the Hot Wheels car drives great - no surprise there. But otherwise, I am a bit underwhelmed. There is a side lever to lift the head but it doesn't really do the job. The side opening creates a difficult tight turn that's tough to navigate. But the most disappointing part for me is that I had more fun playing with the car outside of the command center. It does not drive smoothly through the tunnel or over the ramp. There is nothing that helps accelerate the car, and the command center either slows it down, or derails it completely. I like super heroes and I love Hot Wheels, but this black panther toy should be better

Is It Fun?
The Hot Wheels car itself is a lot of fun.  The Command Center will only slow your car down.  
Who It’s For
Hot Wheels and Black Panther fans, ages 4-8
What To Be Aware Of
Some assembly and sticker application is required. 
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