Num Noms Delicious Desserts Series 5 Review (MGA Entertainment)

Num Noms Delicious Desserts Series 5
What It Is

Get ready for more sweet play with Num Noms when you collect the Num Noms Delicious Desserts Series 5 set. This includes 10 scented Nums, one of which is hidden in packaging, and two scented glitter lip gloss Noms. 

The characters include Minty Marble, Princess C.C. Jelly Roll, Nilla Dough, Tropical Sweetie, Bubble Crunch, Krispy Kaitlyn, C.C. Marble, Berry Cake Roll, Orangie Jelly Roll, Toasty Mallow Gloss-Up, and Sweet Peach Gloss-Up.

Are your series 5 Nums from the Croissants, Jelly Rolls, Crepes, Bread Rolls, Marble Ice Cream, or Marshmallow Squares themes? And are your Gloss-Up Noms one of the two special-edition characters? Find out on the included collector's guide.

The packaging looks like a cupcake tray and can be used as storage for up to 18 Nums or Noms.

Is It Fun?

This will be a fun way to expand a Num Noms collection. Kids will like revealing the mystery Num and adding these new scents to their collections so they can stack up some all-new recipes. Plus, they'll have fun wearing the lip gloss.

Who It’s For

The Num Noms Delicious Desserts Series 5 is for ages 3 and up. This will be a fun addition to a Num Noms fan's collection.

What To Be Aware Of

Don't throw away the packaging. It can be reused for storage.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy