Travel Bib + Flexible Spoon Review (BBox)

Travel Bib + Flexible Spoon
What It Is

Make mealtime easy on the go with the Travel Bib + Flexible Spoon. Unzip the pouch to unfold a bib and remove a flexible silicone spoon. The pouch portion becomes a catchall pocket for food and drink spills while baby is eating. The bib has an adjustable neck closure to grow with your child and a wipe-clean surface made of coated polyester with a polyester backing in a variety of design options. We're showing you Cherry Delight in this video review. When baby is done eating, just roll the bib back into the pouch, place the spoon inside, and zip it closed until you get home. There's a loop on the pouch so you can easily hang it on a diaper bag or stroller.

Why Is It Useful?

This makes it easy to bring along a bib and spoon for mealtime on the go. With the spoon inside the pouch, it keeps the spoon from touching the interior surface of your diaper bag and getting dirty before it goes in your baby's mouth, and the pouch also eliminates the need for bringing along a separate bag to contain the mess. So it kind of makes a parent's life a little easier, which is always a win. 

Who It’s For

The Travel Bib + Flexible Spoon is for ages 4 months and up. This is a great on-the-go mealtime product for babies that makes it a little easier for parents to bring bibs and spoons in the diaper bag.

What To Be Aware Of

The spoon is dishwasher-safe and made from FDA food-grade silicone. The bib can be rinsed clean with mild detergent and warm water. Let it air dry.

The Travel Bib + Flexible Spoon is PVC-, phthlate-, and BPA-free.

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