Escape Room in a Box The Werewolf Experiment Review (Mattel)

Escape Room in a Box The Werewolf Experiment
What It Is

Can you solve 19 puzzles and open three locks in one hour? Your life depends on it! Okay, well, maybe not your life, but at least your game night. With Escape Room in a Box The Werewolf Experiment, players must solve 19 puzzles and open three different locked containers, including one that is the antidote jar, before the one-hour timer runs out. Start with the envelope marked "For the Leader" and work on those puzzles first, and then open the next envelope after 15 minutes and start working on those puzzles. Then open the third envelope after 30 minutes and add those puzzles to your workload. You'll need to work together to solve the puzzles and, hopefully, find the antidote. Otherwise, everyone turns into a werewolf. Okay, not really. But you'll probably feel like howling and clawing at something if you don't succeed.

Is It Fun?

If you're a fan of brainteasers and puzzles, and you also like Escape Room games, then you'll probably be a fan of this new at-home version. You're not trying to escape anything as in a traditional Escape Room scenario, but you are timed and working together with other players to solve puzzles. It's still got a suspenseful, fast-paced feel to it minus any claustrophobia, and it will be a good way to build teamwork among friends and family.

Who It’s For

Escape Room in a Box The Werewolf Experiment is for two to eight players ages 13 and up. Fans of Escape Room games and puzzle games will enjoy the challenge of this game and being able to play an Escape Room-type game at home.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with paper puzzles, non-paper puzzles, two boxes with locks, a jar with a lock, a hints books, an answers book, accessories, and three button cell batteries. You'll need to provide your own timer and pencils.

This is really a one-time use game. There is a website for the game where you can purchase refill packs, but those are mainly just replacements for elements used during gameplay and intended for new users to go through the game.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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