Tip It Review (Mattel)

Tip It
What It Is

Tip-It, from Mattel Games, is a skill-and-action game for 2-4 players, ages 5+. The game comes with a spinner, 27 discs, 1 lifting fork, and 15 additional pieces that will become your game. An adult may need to help with assembly. Tip-It was originally released in 1965, and if you've never played before, perhaps you have played games like KerPlunk, Jenga or Don't Tip the Waiter: these are all games that require balance, patience and dexterity. One false moves, and it can all come tumbling down. In Tip-It, players take turns spinning and using the fork to remove a disc. Remove the colored disc indicated on the spinner. You might have to remove a different colored disc first before finding yours. The spinner may also tell that your turn is skipped, or for you to return a disc. The game is over when one player has three discs of the same color. If the Tip-It topples, all players count their discs and the player with the most of one color, wins. And, to keep things honest, if you cause the Tip-It to topple, you cannot win. I love these sort of anxiety-causing, skill and action games - kids will love it, and it's great for the dorm room, the work break room, or at your local coffee shop or pub. Because, if you can't sip it, dip it or flip it - it must be time to tip it!

Is It Fun?

Yes.  The anxiety-causing, skill and action game will keep you on the edge of your seat and laughing.  

Who It’s For
Game players and balancers, ages 5+
What To Be Aware Of
Adult assembly is required.  
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