Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Legends Series Black Panther
What It Is

With every Marvel release, Hasbro focuses on collectors, and Black Panther is no different, scoring a new six-inch scale Marvel Legends series mostly dedicated to the film's characters. Featuring six figures in the wave, kids and collectors will find three from the upcoming film, three additional Marvel Heroes and pieces in nearly every package to build another Black Panther character.

First up is King T'Challa himself, the Black Panther. While this version is movie-inspired, the costume looks like a very detailed version of the classic comic design. While Marvel released a Legends Black Panther a short while back, this one is slightly better with interchangeable hands that offer both claws and fists, and a Chadwick Boseman head that can be swapped for the masked look. Overall, this is great and super-poseable figure.

Next is Black Panther's major antagonist, Erik Killmonger. This is another great looking figure, but it will suffer from comparisons to Black Panther. First, it's a pretty similar look. Second, it also can swap hands, and finally, there is no Michael B. Jordan head, so you're really just looking at an evil Black Panther wannabe, although he does have two bladed weapons. Either way, this is still a great addition to the line.

The final Black Panther figure in the wave is Nakia. This figure comes right out of the movie and looks a bit like Lupita Nyong'o. Although not much has been revealed about her movie portrayal, in the comics, she was originally a bodyguard and potential wife for Black Panther who then joined with Killmonger. This figure has multiple points of articulation so you can use her in a fight, along with some sort of ring blade weapons.

Since Marvel Legends likes to blend topical with additional characters, the next figure in the wave is a classic Black Bolt. Marvel must have expected the Inhumans to do better than it did. They were wrong. This version of Black Bolt looks really good and has interchangeable heads so you can have him speak. While he has many points of articulation for super poseability, the lack of any accessories is a disappointment.

Coming out of nowhere is a classic Namor, the Sub-Mariner. He comes with interchangeable heads, so you can have bearded and clean-shaved Namor, as well as a trident. The last Legends Namor was in his blue outfit, so collectors are sure to be excited about this figure.

The last figure in the line is the obligatory Iron Man, because everyone wants to build a Stark Mansion with literally every Iron Man suit imaginable. This  version has a swappable Tony Stark head. It's decent, but the good news here is that he isn't back with any build-a-figure parts, so you don't need this figure.

And, that brings us to this wave's build-a-figure, Black Panther's Okoye . A lot of collectors will rage about the fact that the build a figure is just a normal-sized character, but in the comics, she's another bodyguard and potential wife for T'Challa. While we don't know what her role in the film is, she's played by the Walking Dead's Danai Gurira and she may be a standout character with little chance of having a figure made otherwise. Also, keep in mind that Hasbro reduced the cost needed to collect her parts by leaving her out of Iron Man.

Aside from the unnecessary Iron Man, this is a great wave of Marvel Legends figures. It does a great job of offering Black Panther characters, along with updates to figures that were a bit lackluster in previous waves. At $29.99 each, these are worth additions and can easily fit into dioramas or in-package shelf displays, thanks to the flat bottom boxes.

Is It Fun?
The line is beautifully designed and most figures have a lot of accessories - other than Black Bolt. Both collectors and kids will have a lot of fun playing with or posing each of these characters.
Who It’s For
This line is intended for collectors, but kids will love them, too. However, at $19.99 each, they are a little on the pricey side for kids.
What To Be Aware Of
In order to build Okoye, you'll need to purchase five of the figures in the line, which will cost $100. It's nice that Iron Man isn't necessary, but that's still a lot of money for Okoye.
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