Pro Bowl Electric Football Review (Tudor Games)

Pro Bowl Electric Football
What It Is
Electric Football is a game that you design a play, set up your men on the field, turn on the vibrations of the field, and see how things play out on the field. There are different players, each suited for different positions. There are also two types of cleats, strength and speed cleats. You design the plays, position the players, punt, pass, and kick and play out an entire football game.
Is It Fun?
The Tudor Games Electric Football games are slower paced than football video games. There is much more strategy involved and patience is needed as you have to understand all the nuances of the different players, where they perform best, adjusting the plastic cleats, learning how to have your quarterback adeptly throw a football, kicking, and drawing up unique plays. If you have a child who wants to be a coach someday, this game would really help. Although there's not much to look at because of the vibration, this is definitely a thinking persons football game.
Who It’s For
This is for the football fan who someday would like to coach. There's a great deal of thinking that goes into the construction of every play, so this is for the football fan who's patient.
What To Be Aware Of
Two AA batteries are needed. This game is more strategic and takes much longer than video game football, therefore, its best for the child or adult who has the patience to plan the plays and understand all the small intricacies within the game that makes you succeed.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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