Shopkins Wild Style 12 Pack Season 9 Review (Moose Toys)

Shopkins Wild Style 12 Pack Season 9
What It Is

Shopkins Season 9 Wild Style offers many cool, new Shopkins to collect, and some fun new features. There are deluxe finishes, and even some variety in materials used. The 12-Pack includes ten Shopkins you can see, and two hidden Shopkins in blind bags you get to open, a sheet of temporary tattoos, and a collector's guide. You may get Pamela Camera - part of the Glitzi Dancers Tribe, Fran Fruit Hat - a translucent Shopkin from the Glazed Fruits Tribe, Rainbow Dreamers' Tribe Lottie Lolli Jar, or D'Lish Donut from the Sweet n' Squishy Tribe like we did or you may get 12 other adorable Shopkins. There are Shopkins from 11 tribes to collect in Season 9, and over 20 tattoo sheets. Our tattoos have pink and silver designs with stars, and clouds but designs vary. The tattoos go on easily with water. Shopkins are fun for collecting, trading, playing, or displaying.

Is It Fun?

Moose Toys continues to release new Shopkins and new seasons that feel fresh and fun. Season 9 is no exception with the Wild Style theme. It includes 11 tribes, and some fun new features like deluxe finishes, color changing, hidden compartments, and variety in texture, and materials used. Plus the 12 pack comes with a sheet of temporary tattoos for kids to collect, and wear. The 12 pack includes two hidden Shopkins offering the element of surprise as kids open them. With 12 figures, it offers new fans a great way to start a collection, while providing existing collectors with new, exciting collectibles. Just like all eight seasons before, these Shopkins are cute, and fun for play or display. 

Who It’s For

Shopkins Season 9 Wild Style 12 Pack is recommended for kids ages 5 years old and up. It will appeal to existing Shopkins fans who want to add new characters to their collections. With 12 figures in the pack, it is also a great way for new fans to start a collection. 

What To Be Aware Of

These are part of Shopkins Season 9 Wild Style. Seasons 1-8 are also available, as are different sized packs. Each is sold separately. A collector's guide is included with each for kids to keep track of their collections. 

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