Spider Disc Games Review (AJ Play)

Spider Disc Games
What It Is

AJ Play's Spider Disc Games are flying-disc games for 2 or more players.  Spider Disc Games comes with 4 discs, and 6 pole pieces that will need to be assembled. Spider disc is a plastic flying disc with two velcro, spidery legs. Throw the disc and these velcro legs will grab onto the pole. The basic Spider Disc game is for 2 players, or 2 teams. Take turns tossing all four discs at the pole. One point for any disc that catches onto the pole. Add an extra point if the disc color matches the pole section color, and one more point if both spider legs connect. Stand behind the pole and get ready to catch any missed discs. Catching two in a row earns you a point. The first player or team to 11 points, wins. AJ Play did not reinvent the wheel, or even redesign the disc, but they did manage to take some familiar items and create a fun, original game, great for the whole family.

Is It Fun?
Yes - it's a new, skillful, competitive way to throw discs.  
Who It’s For
Disc throwers and spider lovers, ages 7+
What To Be Aware Of
The colored velcro on the pole is a little rough - be careful when removing discs.  
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