JoJo Siwa Cool Maker JoJo Glitter Nails Review (Spin Master)

JoJo Siwa Cool Maker JoJo Glitter Nails
What It Is

If you've already got the big bows like JoJo, now it's time to get glittery nails like JoJo with the JoJo Siwa Cool Maker JoJo Glitter Nails kit. This lets kids create five sets of easy-to-remove glitter nail decals. No nail polish required. 

There are double-sided nail stickers that match the sizes of your fingernails. Simply stick the stickers to your nails. You can file down the stickers if they're too long. When you're ready to create your glittery manicure, peel the paper backing off the top of the sticker and dip the mini glitter brush into the glitter color of your choice and apply the glitter directly onto the nail sticker. You can do a single color of glitter or try a multi-color effect. When you're done, use the mini glitter brush to wipe away excess glitter. Then use the decorative nail decals to decorate your nails. There are images of unicorns, donuts, cupcakes, bows, and JoJo's infinity heart.

When kids are ready to create a new manicure design, they simply peel off the nail stickers and do it all over again with a fresh set.

Is It Fun?

While this set will definitely appeal to JoJo Siwa fans, it will also be fun for any girl who likes manicures. It's different from a nail polish manicure, but it plays into the nail decal trend, which some girls might like, especially if they've seen their moms wearing or selling them. And this kit has a lot of glitter, which is always fun. And with the ability to create five different glitter manicures, this kit definitely sparks creativity.

Who It’s For

The JoJo Siwa Cool Maker JoJo Glitter Nails set is for ages 8 and up. Kids who are fans of JoJo Siwa and doing their nails will like giving themselves glittery manicures with this kit.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit comes with six colors of glitter, five sheets of double-sided stickers, a sheet of JoJo decals, a nail file, a mini glitter brush, and instructions.

The nail stickers work best on clean nails that are free of polish, oil, and lotion.

The glitter can get messy. Cover your work space before you begin.

The glitter nails will probably not last longer than a day before they start getting a little frayed at the edges, depending on what kids do that day. But they do turn out looking really nice right after kids are done making their glitter nail art, and they don't shed glitter.

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