Make-Your-Own Lip Kit Review (Craft City)

Make-Your-Own Lip Kit
What It Is

Karina Garcia may be best known for her slime videos, but she got her start on YouTube as a beauty vlogger. And she's going back to her roots with a new DIY kit called Make-Your-Own Lip Kit. With the supplies in this kit, you can make three lip creations.

All you do is measure 10mL of the lip gloss base into the measuring cup. Then add 6mL of your favorite scent to the base and stir. Choose from apple, strawberry, or mint with this kit. Then, add one bag of glitter and stir. This kit comes with pink, rose, and white glitter. Pour the finished lip gloss into a lip gloss container and insert a lip gloss wand. 

Is It Fun?

Fans of Karina Garcia's YouTube channel will really like that her line of DIY kits has expanded to include even more fun activities. This one will appeal to kids who like to wear lip gloss and who want to make their own makeup products. In just four easy steps, they'll have a lip gloss of their own creation that they can really use or give to a friend.

Who It’s For

The Make-Your-Own Lip Kit is for ages 8 and up. It will appeal to crafty kids who like using lip gloss and who want to make their own skincare and makeup products.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes a container of lip gloss base, three bags of glitter, an apple scent, a strawberry scent, a mint scent, instructions, three lip gloss containers with lip gloss wands, a stirring stick, and a measuring cup. 

Adult supervision is required.

It's difficult to pour all of the scent into the measuring cup, so we removed the stopper from the top so we could easily pour it into the cup instead of having to squeeze the bottle one drop at a time.

This is available exclusively at Target.

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