Nerf Rival Helios XVIII-700 Phantom Corps Review (Hasbro)

Nerf Rival Helios XVIII-700 Phantom Corps
What It Is

The Nerf Rival Helios XVIII-700 Phantom Corps Blaster, from Hasbro, comes with 7 rounds, and a 7-round magazine. The Helios XVIII-700 is part of the Phantom Corps, a rogue group that can team up with either side, at any time. This blaster comes with one red, and one blue flag, to identify yourself, when and if you do commit to one side.  To load, simply place your rounds into the spring-loaded magazine and insert it into your blaster. To reload, press the release next to the magazine. To fire, move the bolt-slide back and forth and then pull the trigger! And look out, because this blaster fires at 100 feet per second. The speed of the Helios is why the recommended ages is 14+. This is no child's blaster! But no matter the age, safety is always important and there is a trigger lock. Make sure to lock your blaster when not in use. Other rival blasters and extra ammo are sold separately. I recommend picking up some more rounds for this blaster. It's fun, accurate and handles well - but those 7 rounds do go quickly. And when you are in the middle of an all-out battle, you will need more ammo to survive!

Is It Fun?
Yes - the blaster handles well and the rival series adds an element of fun to the battles.  
Who It’s For
Blaster fans, and rivals everywhere, ages 14+
What To Be Aware Of

The blaster fires at 100 feet per second. 

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