Hatchimals Colleggtibles Basket Review (Spin Master)

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Basket
What It Is

Spring has sprung in the world of Hatchimals, and now the Hatchimals Colleggtibles have ombre eggs and pastel colors. There are 12 new characters for kids to collect in the Spring Basket Series, and kids will find six of them in the Hatchimals Colleggtibles Basket. Two of them are shown in packaging but the other four are hidden inside ombre eggs. Hatch the eggs by rubbing the color-change hearts, and then pressing the hearts to crack open the eggs and remove the Colleggtible. Will you get a spring version of a Lamblet, a Butterpuff, a Kittycan, a Deeraloo, a Chickchaff, a Puppit, a Beebull, or a Bunwee? The bottoms of the eggs can be used as nests for the characters, and the basket packaging can be used as a display piece for up to eight nests.

Is It Fun?

Hatchimals fans will really like adding these spring-themed additions to their Colleggtible collections. With the basket packaging and the pastel colors, this would be a fun addition to a Hatchimal fan's Easter basket. But it's also just a fun way to welcome a whole new season and a whole new season of Hatchimals.

Who It’s For

The Hatchimals Colleggtibles Basket is for ages 5 and up. Because of the spring colors and the basket packaging, this would be a fun Easter gift for a Hatchimals fan.

What To Be Aware Of

There is a small collector's guide underneath the basket in the packaging. Don't throw it away.

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