Flush Force Review (Spin Master)

Flush Force
What It Is
You want to collect a Grimy Grub? How about one of the Skuzzy Fuzzies? Foul Floaters interest you? These are just 3 of the many categories in the Flush Force Collectible line from Spin Master. You can buy a single toilet or multiple toilets. In the standard size bowl, there are two collectibles. Just fill up the back tank with water, shake your toilet and watch your bowl to reveal what's inside.  One you have your collectible, The Collect A Bowl is a large toilet that has disgusting flushing sounds and plenty of room to store all of your figures.
Is It Fun?
Fortunately, these collectibles do not smell! Toilet humor is popular with kids and 2018 is going to be very competitive in the poop toy category. Flush forces toilet is a fun way to discover "what's in your bowl"? Plus, many children will find the different farting and burping sounds of the large toilet quite amusing, as did some of us at TTPM.
Who It’s For
This is for kids 4+ and for parents who can stomach toilet and poop humor. Some kids generally find this humor quite funny, so if your kids find poop, farting ,burping, and toilet humor funny, they might enjoy these collectibles.
What To Be Aware Of
When you are shaking the toilet, and you pull of the clear top to reveal your toy, its recommended you wash your hands after pulling your collectible out of the toilet bowl. And...this isn't a joke!

Wash up!

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy