Tricky Wishes Review (Hasbro)

Tricky Wishes
What It Is

Tricky Wishes, from Hasbro Gaming, is a card-based game for 3-to-5 players, ages 8+. The game comes with 24 cards and 12 cardboard markers. The object of the game is to impress a genie with your combination of wishes, in order to have those wishes granted. To win a round you'll need a combination of one Superpower, one Gift, and World Harmony wish. Examples of these are Invisibility, a Pet Dragon, and Solving World Hunger, respectively. Players are dealt three cards each, and share a two-card hand, placed in the middle of game-play. On each turn, players have the option of peaking, switching or shuffling. That is, they can peak at any cards on the table; switch any two cards on the table; or shuffle their own cards and peak at one of them. Players can perform two of these actions with each turn. These actions allow players to see all cards in play, and switch things around to complete their combination of three wishes. After four rounds, a player may move to make a wish. Once a player has a three-card wish-combo, he/she should declare "I Wish" and reveal their cards. Each card has a point value, and all players who have a complete set, should add up their points. Whoever has the most points wins that round and receives a victory "lamp" marker. The first player to collect three victory markers wins the game. In the deck there are cards you don't want to be stuck with when the round ends, and other cards that boost your point totals. Tricky Wishes combines the meld-building of games like Rummy, and the classic memory testing in games like Concentration. The game is fun and challenging, it's fairly simple to play, and the artwork is very whimsical. So why wish upon a star, when you can simply play a game?

Is It Fun?
Yes, the gameplay is challenging, the rules are simple, and it's fun to play.  
Who It’s For
Gamers and wish-makers, ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of
This game is only available through the subscription-based Hasbro Gaming Crate.  
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