Oh Snap! Review (Marbles Brain Workshop)

Oh Snap!
What It Is

Oh Snap!, from Marbles the Brain Store, is a skill-and-action game for 2-6 players, ages 8+. The game comes with its spring-loaded board, 66 pieces and a canvas bag to store those pieces. You might recall the classic game Booby Trap - Oh Snap! is basically the same game, but updated with some fine crafted wooden pieces and board. Rules and gameplay are simple. Pull the crossbar back and place all 66 pieces flat, onto the board. Gently release the crossbar, and start playing. Take turns removing one piece per turn. Your goal is to remove a piece without causing the crossbar to move. If you are successful, keep your piece. If not, the piece goes in a discard pile. Keep playing until you only have as many remaining pieces as there are players. Now add up your points: 15 points for large blue pieces, 10 for the medium orange, and 5 for the small red. The player with the most points, wins. Now here's a few reminders for the cheaters: no testing pieces for their looseness. You touch it, you take it! Pieces may become dislodged if the crossbar moves. So, pieces that remain on the board are play - and pieces that fall on the table, the floor, your snacks, or your lap are out of play, and should be put in the discard pile. People of all ages will love Oh Snap! Kids younger than 8 will enjoy it too. There's a little bit of anxiety, and a whole lot of fun. It's well-constructed and looks great. The manufacturer suggests celebrating your victory with a dance, but I just prefer to look at my losing opponent and say "Oh Snap!"

Is It Fun?
Yes, people of all ages will love the strategy, the anxiety and the big fun snap! 
Who It’s For
Game players and the snappiest of people, ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of
The game requires minor assembly.
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