Hatchimals Fabula Forest Review (Spin Master)

Hatchimals Fabula Forest
What It Is

There are brand new Hatchimals ready to party. Hatchimals Fabula Forest introduces two new Hatchimals characters, Tigrette and Puffatoo. You won't know which one you're getting until you hatch the egg. And like all Hatchimals, hatching the egg involves tilting, tapping, and touching it so it will hatch. Colored lights on the outside of the egg let you know how your Hatchimal is feeling, and you'll have to hold the egg accordingly.

When you see rainbow eyes, the egg is ready to hatch. Rub the bottom of the egg to encourage the Hatchimal to peck the egg to break free.

Once the Hatchimal is out of the egg, you get to nurture it through baby, toddler, and kid modes. All the previous Hatchimals have these same modes, but what's different about the Fabula Forest Hatchimals is that they can learn your name in all three modes. All you have to do is squeeze its belly and touch its head at the same time, and when you see its eyes turn pink, say your name. Then release its belly and head, and you'll hear it say your name during different activities.

These activities include nurturing it as it rolls around and flaps it wings in baby mode; learns to walk, talk, and dance in toddler mode; and plays three music games with you in kid mode.

Is It Fun?

As long as kids are still clamoring for Hatchimals, there will still be more Hatchimals. Kids are really going to like the surprise of finding out which new character is inside their egg, and we like that there are some new ways to play once the Hatchimal has hatched so that there is still some excitement other than there simply being a new character. Hatchimals fans will like discovering the new things these Hatchimals can do as they nurture and play with the latest additions to their collections.

Who It’s For

Hatchimals Fabula Forest is for ages 5 and up. For kids who like Hatchimals and want to collect them all, this will be another fun addition.

What To Be Aware Of

This includes two AA batteries.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AA batteries required