Stuff Happens Review (Goliath Games)

Stuff Happens
What It Is

Stuff Happens, from Goliath Games, is a card-based party game, for 2 or more players, ages 13+. In life, stuff does happen, and very often it's not fun stuff! The object of Stuff Happens is to rank those unfortunate events, from least to most miserable. Start off dealing each player 3 cards, all face-up. Consult the misery index on the bottom of your cards, and place them in order. So, for example, if I was just dealt three cards, I would rank them this way: Hit Your Thumb with a Hammer: 18.5, Phone Falls into the Toilet: 45, and Incurable Hiccups: 88. This is known as my "lane of pain." On my turn, the player to my right will draw a card and announce the misery, but not the index #. I then have to guess where it would fall in my lane of pain. So, lets say the card says "bacon is outlawed." To me, that feels worse than a hammer mishap but it's actually only a mere 10.3. So, it would need to be placed before my hammer card. If I chose correctly, I would keep the card and place it into my lane of pain. If I am wrong, the next player would be able to guess how it fits into his/her lane of pain. Once a player has 10 cards, the game is over. The more cards you have in your lane, the more difficult it is to place one. Keep in mind that when stuff happens, it is the worst possible outcome. So, if you get a card that says "mauled by a crazed chimp," you're gonna be ripped up by that monkey and they'll be nothing cute about it. Goliath Games did their homework and consulted licensed professionals on how much misery each card, in their professional opinion, would effect a person. I think that's great, but clearly none of them truly understand bacon. Stuff Happens is fun, and with all adult party games, I always suggest partying like an adult. It's not about winning. It's about getting together and having some laughs with friends. Despite the 200 creative and painful cards, I do wonder how long before you start repeating cards - but why am I complaining? After all, stuff happens!

Is It Fun?
Yes, the cards are hilarious and everyone will enjoy debating which ones are more miserable than the other.
Who It’s For
Adult party gamers, ages 13+
What To Be Aware Of
Some cards may offend more sensitive players.
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