Paint-Sation Review (Goliath Games)

What It Is

The Paint-Sation Table Top Easel is a new paint arts & crafts activity kit with a lot of thoughtful features that kept little painters and parents in mind. The back features a kickstand that folds out to use the easel upright, and the kickstand also has rubberized soles to keep it from moving about as kids work. You can also use the station flat on a surface. But the highlight feature of this paint set is the unspillable paint pods that come with it. Kids can literally hold the paint pods upside down and the paint won't drip or spill out. The three paint pods that are included (in red, yellow, and blue) also attach to the sides of the Paint-Sation easel and are stackable. The set also comes with two paint brushes with slightly chunkier handles for little hands, and 10 sheets of plain white paper.

To start painting simply use the clip at the top of the easel to hold paper in place and get to work.

Is It Fun?

This is a super handy, compact paint set with features that will definitely meet the needs of your little Picasso and your home. We love the compact, foldable design that makes an afternoon of painting easy to set up and even take along with you on a visit to grandma's house. The non-spill paint pods are also very handy for the typically messy craft, helping to keep things more contained.

Who It’s For

The Paint-Sation Table Top Easel is for ages 3 and up from Goliath Games. This is a great beginner art kit that makes it easy to start painting with little set-up required. Parents will also appreciate the compact design, so it won't take up a large foot print in your home like many easels, and non-spill paint pods.

What To Be Aware Of

There are additional Pain-Sation paint pods, refills, and an on-the-go set sold separately.

Non-spill does not mean mess-free and there is still the chance for mishaps. We suggest parents still take the necessary painting precautions and throw down some old newspapers and grab some old clothes and/or a smock. If you do get any paint on you though, don't worry it is washable.

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