Wavy Tactile Path Set Review (WePlay)

Wavy Tactile Path Set
What It Is

You don't have to go outside to experience a barefoot walk in nature. Set up your own walk indoors with the Wavy Tactile Path, a physical and sensory experience for young kids. Set up the eight plastic pieces in a variety of different configurations and walk across them in your bare feet to feel how the dots, lines, and curves of each piece stimulate the soles of your feet.

Whether you're setting up the pieces in a straight line, curved line, or circle, the pieces are easy to assemble but sturdy enough to stay together while kids are walking on them. And they have non-skid bottoms so they won't move around while kids are walking on them. When you do take them apart, they stack and fit inside a carrying bag for easy storage.

The Wavy Tactile Path comes in blue or green. Each is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

While each piece of path obviously has a very tactile feel to it, walking on the path is also a nice way to stretch the foot muscles and help kids practice balance and coordination. We like that you can set this up in different ways and create your own games to play with it, offering variety and different challenges every time you play.

Who It’s For

The manufacturer recommends Wavy Tactile Path for ages 1 and up, but kids who aren't adept at walking on their own yet will definitely need assistance from mom and dad when walking on this product. All kids who use it should do so under adult supervision. 

The product has a maximum weight limit of 160 pounds, so even parents can walk on it, too.

What To Be Aware Of

To prevent slips, children should always be barefoot when walking on the Wavy Tactile Path.

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