Luciana Vega Girl of the Year 2018 Doll Review (American Girl)

Luciana Vega Girl of the Year 2018 Doll
What It Is

American Girl is reaching for the stars with its new Girl of the Year 2018 doll. Meet Luciana Vega, an 11-year-old girl who dreams of becoming the first person on Mars. American Girl worked with NASA, including a task force of scientists, astronauts, and more to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of Luciana's space-inspired story and products.

The 18-inch Luciana doll wears a cosmic print dress with attached red purse belt and shiny holographic lace-up boots. She also wears a matching holographic choker and a red star charm necklace. The cloth-bodied doll has warm brown eyes that open and close, and straight dark brown hair with a bright purple streak in it. The doll's vinyl head and limbs are poseable.

Included with the doll is the paperback book called Luciana by Erin Teagan. This first book in the series tells the story of Luciana going to space camp. She's picked to lead her team in a robotics challenge, but she's pretty sure her teammates don't like her. She's got to learn that if she's going to make it to Mars, she needs to be a leader her crew can depend on. Additional books are sold separately.

Is It Fun?

This is a really cool new addition to the American Girl lineup. Her story encourages girls to take an interest in STEM, while also giving girls who are already interested in space exploration a doll that is just like them. In true American Girl fashion, the extra accessories are really well done and will enhance the imaginative play while also introducing kids to the tools and equipment used by real astronauts. This will be a cool hands-on way to show kids that if Luci can do it, they can do it, too. This is a really nicely done new doll for any young girl with big dreams.

Who It’s For

The Luciana Vega Girl of the Year 2018 doll and book set is for ages 8 and up. This will be a great addition to an American Girl doll collection, and it will also be a fun doll for any aspiring astronaut and young girl who loves space.

What To Be Aware Of

The Luciana doll comes with one book. Additional Luciana books and accessories are sold separately. Luciana's Flight Suit and Luciana's Space Suit are sold separately.

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