Vibranium Black Panther Figure Review (Hasbro)

Vibranium Black Panther Figure
What It Is

With Marvel's Black Panther in theaters in a few short weeks, Hasbro has released a lot of strikingly similar, yet different versions of the Wakandan warrior. This 5-inch figure features T'Challa in a new suit with vibranium highlights - they're the blue accents you can see on his chest, arms and mask.

The figure itself is pretty basic, featuring only seven points of articulation and a vibranium enhanced weapon.

Is It Fun?

The figure's overall design and look are good, and it looks like Black Panther should look  but, when you have multiple Black Panthers to choose, this one doesn't have a discernible difference. They won't be clamoring for this specific version of Black Panther.

Who It’s For

With an age grading of 4 years and up and a manufacturer suggested retail price of $10, overall this is a great toy for kids, especially since it offers a version of the Black Panther costume that is likely featured in the movie's final battle scene. However, collectors should look at the more advanced and articulated lines.

What To Be Aware Of
As with any action figure toy line, kids will want to play with heroes,  villains and vehicles, which are sold separately. This can add up to big bucks once you have enough figures to recreate Wakanda's population.
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