Black Panther Nerf Vibranium Strike Gauntlet Review (Hasbro)

Black Panther Nerf Vibranium Strike Gauntlet
What It Is

The Marvel Black Panther Nerf Vibranium Strike Gauntlet is a new themed wearable blaster based on the latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther. But this isn't simply a blaster for fans of Black Panther, but also T'Challa's sister Shuri, the princess of Wakanda (who-spoiler-in the comics also takes over briefly as Black Panther). 

This blaster when worn looks like it has the head of a panther, and is inspired by the technology made and worn by Shuri in the movie. Additionally, the blaster is modeled after the one in the films composed of Vibranium metal, which has a long history in the world of Marvel (it is the same metal used to forge Captain America's shield and that of Black Panther's suit, for example.) 

This toy blaster comes with three Nerf darts. To use, simply slide the blaster on your hand, load it up one dart at a time, pull the side lever to lock, and then pull the trigger to fire. 

Is It Fun?

This particular blaster doesn't necessarily get an extreme amount of distance out of it, but we think it's definitely well-suited for roleplay based on the film. Fans of Shuri's character will especially enjoy roleplaying as this tech-savvy princess and arming themselves for battle against the Killmonger. 

Who It’s For

The Black Panther Vibranium blaster is for ages 5 and up from Hasbro. It will appeal to fans of the film looking to recreate the movie moments off screen as well as those that are simply looking for new Nerf equipment to add to their arsenals. 

What To Be Aware Of
This blaster is part of the line of roleplay toys based on the Marvel Black Panther movie. Additional Black Panther-inspired blasters as well as other gear and toys are available and they are sold separately.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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