Pregnant Fashion Doll with Baby Review (Mishine)

Pregnant Fashion Doll with Baby
What It Is
The Mishine Pregnant Fashion Doll features a baby on board. She has a soft stomach that resembles a person that is nine months pregnant. You pop open the belly and you pull out the neutral gendered baby from the inside.  
Is It Fun?
Is this appropriate for your child? It's really an individual's choice as we receive mixed reactions in our office. Many of the women in our office said they made their Barbie's pregnant when growing up and thought this was a cool feature.  Other TTPM staff members felt it was a little creepy and would create a dialogue with their kids that they wouldn't want to have at this young age. Some compared it to Puppy Surprise, except it has a baby inside instead of puppies.  This is one toy that is going to get very mixed reactions. It would help if the doll was better  made. 
Who It’s For
This is for kids ages four and older. As this will bring up a discussion about babies that parents might not want to have yet, its not for every family.
What To Be Aware Of
The hair on this doll is thin and the doll can appear bald on the back of her head, so hair play isn't good with this doll. The baby bump pulls off easily, but big fingers could have trouble pulling the baby out. The baby inside appears to be indistinguishable if its a boy or a girl. The stomach has to be really pushed in when putting back. Overall, this is a cheaply made doll.
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    Medium Difficulty