Black Panther Stuffed Talking T'Challa Review (Just Play)

Black Panther Stuffed Talking T'Challa
What It Is

Marvel Black Panther fans can bring home action-packed adventures with the Marvel Black Panther Slammers Plush. Inspired by the Marvel Superhero movie, Black Panther, two talking stuffed toys are available based on the two main characters in the movie. There's the Black Panther himself, the warrior king T'Challa, and his nemesis Erik Killmonger. Both stuffed toys measure 7-inches tall, and are fun, animated looking versions on their onscreen counterparts. They're well made using different fabrics, and textures. Each character says five unique movie phrases and sounds. To activate the sounds, simply squeeze or slam the toy. Three button cell batteries are included. A great size for playing at home or on the go, these were designed for ages 3 and up. Each is sold separately, and fans may want to collect them both. 

Is It Fun?

These are well-made, talking stuffed toys that are easy to activate with phrases from the Marvel movie, Black Panther. At 7-inches, they are a great size for playing at home or on-the-go. They have a fun, animated look to them that give them a more playful presence than the actual movie characters. They'll appeal to Black Panther fans to use for imaginative play or display. Fans may want to collect them both to recreate movie scenes.

Who It’s For

Marvel Black Panther Slammers Plush toys are recommended for kids ages 3 years old and up. They will appeal to Black Panther fans. They are great for kids who enjoy playing with stuffed animals, as well as Marvel collectors interested in Black Panther toys. 

What To Be Aware Of

These toys were inspired by the Marvel Black Panther movie released in 2018. T'Challa, and Erik Killmonger talking plush are available, and sold separately. To activate the sounds and phrases, squeeze or slam the toy. Three button cell batteries are included. 

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility

    3 cell batteries required