Leo Goes To The Barber Review (Hasbro Gaming)

Leo Goes To The Barber
What It Is

Leo Goes to the Barber Game from Hasbro was designed for 2-5 players ages 6 and up. In this game, Leo the Lion's mane is too long, and players need to help Leo get to the barber shop before it closes. To set up, place all of the 30 animal tiles face down, shuffle them, and create a path that leads from Leo's bed to Bobo's Barber Chair. Place the Leo pawn on Leo's bed as the starting point. Next, place the puzzle piece of Leo's head next to a pile of the hair pieces. One will be added for each day Leo doesn't make it to his haircut. Set the clock to 8:00 a.m. Shuffle the 20 movement cards and deal them all to each player facedown. Players can look at their own cards but should not share them with the other players. Now the game begins, and players take turns using their movement cards to move Leo ahead 1-4 spaces along the path. Once you land on a space, flip the tile over to reveal the color and number. If the tile is the same color as the card you just played or the tile is a signpost, the clock stays at the same time. However, if the tile is a different color, the clock moves ahead the number of hours noted on the tile card. If the clock reaches 8:00 p.m. before Leo arrives at the barber shop, the round ends, and Leo must return home in order to try again the next day. Players can study the tiles that have already been flipped over so they know where to try to land on the next round to match their colors. This is a cooperative game with all players working together. Players have five days to get Leo to the barber shop to win the game. The game offers a fun way for kids to work on memory, matching, and cooperation, and would be fun for the whole family to play together.

Is It Fun?

This game offers a fun way for kids to work on counting skills, memory, matching, and color recognition. It also encourages cooperation, as players work together to win as a group. It would be fun for the whole family to play.

Who It’s For

Leo Goes to the Barber is for 2-5 players. It's recommended for kids ages 6 and up but we think kids as young as 4 years old can play with help from a grown up. 

What To Be Aware Of
This game is part of the Hasbro Gaming Crate, a subscription based service from Hasbro where families receive three predetermined games at a time. It's a cooperative game where players work together to win. 
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