Num Noms Collectible Cereal Series 1 Review (MGA Entertainment)

Num Noms Collectible Cereal Series 1
What It Is

Num Noms used to be stackable but now they are snackable with the Num Noms Collectible Cereal Series 1. These new collectible toys feature the cute Num Noms characters as breakfast cereals, complete with bowls and colorful spoons that create scented "milk" when you add water.

Each Num Noms Collectible Cereal container comes with a bowl, 11 characters, a spoon with fizz attached, and one surprise character hidden in the fizz. Now, technically, all of the characters are surprise characters because you can't see any of them in the package. Even when you open the container, you still have to open plastic bags to reveal which characters and spoon you've got. Will your Num Noms be marshmallows, wheat crisps, flakes, checkers, rings, or puffs? Will you get a classic, swirl, or sprinkles spoon? There are 140 to collect, and the included collectors guide helps you keep track.

Once your spoon and characters are revealed, place them in the bowl and fill the bowl with water up to the fill line. Dip in the spoon and watch the water change color. The fizz on the spoon will dissolve and reveal a hidden character.

Is It Fun?

The play with these is going to be a little different than that of the original Num Noms. Instead of creating silly scented stacks, it's more about pretend food play and overall collecting. But from the clever packaging to the "magic milk surprise" and the super cute look of the cereal-themed Num Noms, we think Num Noms fans are really going to like this new addition to the Num Noms lineup.

Who It’s For

The Num Noms Collectible Cereal Series 1 are for ages 3 and up. Fans will have a lot of fun with these cute and newest additions to the Num Noms lineup.

What To Be Aware Of

These are toys. Do not eat them.

Because this involves the use of water, you might want to cover your play space before you play.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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