Smashers Series: 1 Sport! Single Pack Review (Zuru)

Smashers Series: 1 Sport! Single Pack
What It Is

The Zuru Smashers Series 1 Sports figures are tiny collectibles that come in little red balls, and each contains one mystery figure. Top open them up, simply smash them on any hard surface. The pieces fly apart and reveal the figure inside. These figures come in several sports categories. There are the Bad Sports, the Hard Hitters, the Smash Gear, the Team X-treme, the Ball Stars, the Game Changers, and the Super Rare. There are even the Not So Fast Food figures modeled after snacks you'd get at a sports event. 

With more 100 different smashers in Series 1, kids will have fun collecting and trading Smashers with friends and because each Smashball is a mystery, it may take buying lots of extras to complete the whole set. Once smashed, there is no putting figures back in their packaging because the balls do not go back together. For ages 5 and up, Collectors can keep track of which figures they need by looking at the enclosed collector's guide. They can also download the free app or visit the Smashersworld website. Smashers come packaged individually or in packs of 3 and 8.

Is It Fun?

Since blind bag style toys are all the rage lately, kids will love the surprise element and the collecting aspect of these funny little sports themed figures. These pocket sized Smash-letes come in little red plastic balls, and each contains one mystery figure. Opening them is really fun. Just smash and watch the pieces fly. You can only do it one time, but it's pretty dramatic, and kids will get a kick out of collecting and smashing the figures.

Who It’s For

Recommended for ages 5 and up, these figures are for the child who loves collecting Smashers and other little blind bag toys. Since Smashers are geared towards many different types of sports, sports fans will get a kick out of all the crazy little figures in this collection. 

What To Be Aware Of

Be sure to pick up all the plastic pieces from the smashed ball, particularly if there are young kids in the house.

There are more than 100 to collect, including rare and super rare figures. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy