Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit Review (MGA Entertainment)

Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit
What It Is

If you like to collect collectible toys, then how about making some of your own with the Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit? This kit comes with everything kids need to make two squishy Smooshins collectibles, including two color pouches, two character molds, two headpieces, two faces, two bellies, and two stands. 

To make a Smooshins, place the mold in the Surprise Maker. Pop the color pouch and then mix the color and clear portion together. You only have one minute and 30 seconds to do this. Then lock the pouch into the Surprise Maker and use the squeeze tool to squeeze the color into the Surprise Maker. Leave the pouch in the Surprise Maker for four hours. After four hours, you can remove the pouch and the mold from the Surprise Maker, but leave the Smooshins in the mold overnight. If you want, you can now start another Smooshins in the Surprise Maker while you wait. After leaving your character in the mold overnight, open up the mold, remove your character, and decorate it with the accessories, which are interchangeable.

The molds can be wiped clean and reused with refill packs, sold separately, so that kids can make more Smooshins.

Is It Fun?

The idea behind Smooshins is fun. Kids get to make their own collectibles with interchangeable accessories so there are potentially lots of different characters to create and collect. They're supposed to look really cute and be fun to smoosh. 

However, these are difficult to make. This kit comes with a practice color pouch for a reason. Our first attempt did not go so well. Our second attempt turned out a bit better. And our third attempt was a little bit better but still a bit deformed and sticky. And that was it. You only get three shots to get it right with this kit.

We can see kids needing help from mom and dad to do this, plus a lot of patience, and when all is said and done, they just might end up frustrated if their Smooshins don't turn out the way the ones on the box look.

Who It’s For

The Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit is for ages 7 and up. This will be appealing to kids who like collectible toys and who have a lot of patience.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit comes with a Surprise Maker, two Surprise Character Molds with two mystery shells, two color pouches, a practice color pouch, two surprise faces, two surprise bellies, two surprise headpieces, two character stands, a squeeze tool, and instructions.

It takes a long time to make one Smooshins. There is the hands-on time, and then there is a four-hour waiting period plus an additional overnight waiting period. So this is an activity that is going to require some patience.

A practice color pouch is included and you will want to use it. We made all three of our color pouches and we still couldn't get a Smooshins character to fill the entire mold even after all three tries. This is a difficult activity, and with the long waiting period required, it's frustrating. If you're totally committed to Smooshins because the pictures on the box look so cute, then we recommend having refill packs handy and just spending a lot of time practicing making Smooshins until you get it right.

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    Medium Difficulty