Crazy Toaster Review (Little Tikes)

Crazy Toaster
What It Is

Crazy Toaster, from Little Tikes Games, is the catch & match toast game, for 2-4 players, ages 4+. The game comes with 40 pieces of toast, 4 plates, 4 pans and yes, one crazy toaster complete with utensil limbs and coffee mug eyes. An adult will need to assist with stickers and assembly of the toaster. The object of Crazy Toaster is for players to collect flying pieces of toast that match the food on their plates. Each player should pick one plate, and one pan. Then, load all 40 slices of toast into the toaster. The toast has one of 6 items on them: honey, jam, chocolate, eggs, bacon, or a stinky fish. Players take turns pushing down on the toaster's nose, and should then prepare to catch flying toast! Only use the pan - no hands, no cheating! If the food on the toast matches a food on your plate, place the toast on your plate. If it does not, put it on the placemat, in the outlined square. And hey, lookout, because some toast will burn you. If you catch a stinky fish, you must remove one of your previously matched foods. If a stinky fish lands on the table, face-up, then players may race to exchange foods from the outlined square, with other foods they need. Crazy Toaster is a lot of fun, but it's not easy. Catching toast in your pan, can prove to be challenging. Younger children may have some trouble, so adjust rules as necessary. If it bounces out of the pan, a younger child can keep that piece of toast. Or, don't play with the stinky fish rule. Crazy Toaster is cute and will keep kids laughing. Adults will enjoy playing too. So, everyone please raise your glasses as we toast this game.

Is It Fun?
Yes. People of all ages will enjoy trying to grab the flying toast 
Who It’s For
Game-players and toast-catchers, ages 5+
What To Be Aware Of

An adult will need to assist with stickers and assembly of the toaster. 

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