The Original Slappys Series 1 Review (Endless Games)

The Original Slappys Series 1
What It Is

The Original Slappys is a daring new game that combines slap bracelets with the dare portion of Truth or Dare. Series 1 comes with eight colorful slap bracelets, each with a different dare printed on it. These include "Shake someone's hand without letting go", "Sing everything you say", "Keep flipping a coin. Loudly announce the results", "Put some food on your face and leave it there", "Reply 'That smells like fish' to everything that is said to you", "Secretly wink at everyone in the room", "Tell three people about how much you wish you had some nachos", and "Whenever someone near you speaks, yawn loudly". 

So what do you do with the Slappys? Choose a bracelet and slap it onto an unsuspecting friend's wrist. They have to do what the bracelet says. Then they pass it on. Keep in mind that if you don't get the Slappy cleanly on your friend's wrist, then you have to do the dare yourself.

Is It Fun?

Kids are going to have fun challenging each other to these wacky dares and trying to catch each other unawares to slap on the bracelets. We're sure that mom and dad will also probably get challenged to a few dares, so parents, get ready to play along because you're kids are going to think it's hilarious when you put food on your face for no reason or say "That smells like fish" over and over again. 

Who It’s For

The Original Slappys is for ages 9 and up, and kids are going to think these dares are really silly.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Slappys bracelets are sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy