Star Wars iHome BB-8 Bluetooth Headphones Review (eKids)

Star Wars iHome BB-8 Bluetooth Headphones
What It Is

The Star Wars: The Last Jedi BB-8 Bluetooth iHome Headphones from eKids is a pair of over-the ear headphones featuring  the droid's stylized graphics as well as imagery of the BB-8 on the ears and band. They also have high quality features built-in for a solid listening experience, including an adjustable headbands with padding for comfort and built-in in-line mic on the cable.

They feature a foldable design for portability, voice prompts to confirm pairing, volume-limiter control for little ears, in-line speakers, and utilize your phone's voice activation (i.e. Apple Siri or Google Voice) compatibilities. They can also be used as wireless headphones and paired via Bluetooth to your device. They come with an included cable to use if preferred, which is also handy if you are low on a charge. You can charge with the included USB charging cable.

Is It Fun?
For Star Wars fans looking to show off their fandom, especially for BB-8, as they enjoy their favorite music, these headphones are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and feature an overall high-quality listening experience, especially for the price. 
Who It’s For
The Star Wars: The Last Jedi BB-8 iHome Headphones from eKids are for young Star Wars and BB-8 fans, as they are sized for little heads and feature kid-safe features such as the volume limiter. They are also a good pair for travel, thanks to their foldable design.
What To Be Aware Of

Not a fan of the BB-8? Or maybe your allegiances lie more on the Dark Side? Check out the Elite Praetorian Guard and First Order headphones also featured in this video. 

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