Romp & Roost Review (CappyBug Company)

Romp & Roost
What It Is

Give your baby or toddler space to play or sleep with the Romp & Roost. This mom-designed playpen is much larger than traditional playpens, and it features a snap- and zip-in divider that turns it into two spaces, if desired.

The Romp & Roost has three main functions. First, because it's enclosed with mesh sides and a soft mattress floor with waterproof sheet covering, the Romp & Roost is a large play space for one or two children to play as they learn to crawl or walk in a safe environment. It can also be used as a sleep space when traveling or at home for children who are too big for a traditional play yard but not big enough for a regular bed. And then if you add in the divider, it becomes a sleep/play space for twin infants or toddlers. You could also use the divider to create a space for an older child to play while a younger child sleeps.

Its four large wheels with brakes and included carrying bag make it easy to roll the Romp & Roost from room to room or fold it up and bring it with you for travel. 

Why Is It Useful?

We think this is especially useful for parents of twins because it eliminates having to travel with two separate play yards or cluttering the house with two bulky pieces of baby gear. But even parents with one child can benefit from the versatility of the Romp & Roost. It offers a spacious and safe area for a child to play, especially helpful when mom or dad needs to make dinner or go to the bathroom, and then it transforms into a comfy spot for the child to sleep. And if another baby comes along, just put up the divider.

Who It’s For

The Romp & Roost is for children from birth and up. Discontinue use when a child can climb out on his or her own, or when the child reaches 35 inches in height.

What To Be Aware Of

The Romp & Roost is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it comes with its own travel bag so you can take it on the go.

The Romp & Roost measures 39 inches by 52.5 inches.

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