That Was Awkward Review (Endless Games)

That Was Awkward
What It Is

Leave your humility at the door if That Was Awkward is being played at game night. This adults-only game is all about doing and saying embarrassing things and scoring points for it. The first player or team to 50 points wins.

The game can be played with three or more players as individuals or in teams of two. Players take turns drawing one Do This card and one Say This card. Once you draw your cards, you must perform what's on the Do This card while saying what's on the Say This card. Each task is worth a different point value on the awkward meter. For instance, barking like a seal gets you two points. Sniffing the person next to you gets you four points. If you're too embarrassed to perform any of the tasks, you forfeit the points on those cards.

There are also a few Specialty cards that trigger exceptions to the rules. If you draw a Pick Your Poison card, you draw two more cards from the same deck and can choose which task to perform. With a Double or Nada card, you draw another card and double the point value of that card's task. And if you draw an All Play card, then all players or one member from each team must perform the Do This and Say This tasks. After a vote, the winning player earns points for himself or his team.

Is It Fun?

You'll probably only want to play this game with a group of people you know really well, unless you have no inhibitions and don't mind putting your hand on the thigh of your husband's co-worker whom you just met 10 minutes ago. Hey, it scores you four points in the game, right? So, keeping in mind with whom you're playing the game, this game is all about crazy, uncomfortable fun. If you like party games of that nature, then this one will be right up your alley. So get ready to say and do some wacky stuff.

Who It’s For

That Was Awkward is for ages 18 and up because of the subject matter of the game. 

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with 155 Do This cards, 155 Say This cards, and 26 Specialty cards (four Pick Your Poison, six Double or Nada, and 16 All Play), one wipe-off scorecard with marker, and instructions.

Technically, there is supposed to be a vote from the other players on whether or not you satisfactorily complete the tasks each turn, but we think you could scratch that rule. Performing the awkward moment is enough and worthy of all the points.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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