Can Of Squirms Review (Bananagrams)

Can Of Squirms
What It Is

Can of Squirms is a new Big Potato Games adult Q&A party game from Bananagrams. As the game's packaging says once you open this up there's no going back. 

This is a four to 10 player game. Players start by splitting into teams of two. If you've got an uneven number, have one person act as the Question Master for a game. Then, mix up the stack of Squirm cards. Each team gets a set of Agree/Disagree cards. 

Pick a team to start and have the opposing team read off a Squirm card. Not all Squirm cards are created equal. Some are simple such as "Who won't be recognized at their high school reunion?" Some we can't show and/or read on camera. Once the cards have been read, the team with the Verdict Boards must decide which of them best fits the answer on the card, without discussing it with each other. 

While they are jotting down their verdicts, the other teams are trying to predict the outcome and then place their Agree or Disagree card down on the table. Once everyone has answered, the Squirm responders for the round must reveal their answers. If they both agreed on the same person, the team earns two points. If they disagree, they earn none. The other teams will each earn one point if they correctly predicted the outcome. The first team to reach 10 points wins the game. 

Is It Fun?

We like the simple game play and hilarious conversations this game instigates. Played with the right group of people, it definitely packs a lot of laughs. However, it's important to note this game can get awkward for some people so know your audience when bringing this one out at a party. 

Who It’s For

Can of Squirms is for ages 17 and up from Big Potato Games. We suggest playing this one with close friends and family because things can get pretty personal. So if you do choose to play it with new friends, just be prepared to answer some sometimes uncomfortable questions, and feel a bit judged. But it's all in good fun. 

What To Be Aware Of

There are 130 Squirm cards to go through but for added fun, Big Potato Games also offers more questions for play via its app and invites players to create their own custom questions for the game as well for more repeat play. 

The game is distributed by Bananagrams.

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    None or Very Easy