The Cat Game Review (Spin Master)

The Cat Game
What It Is

The Cat Game from Spin Master is a game that plays like Pictionary but just add cats. As the packaging says, this is a a "hair-raising drawing game" with cats. The game comes packaged with a set of drawing prompt cards, two dry-erase boards, two markers, and a bunch of cat cutouts. 

To get started playing, break off into teams or go head-to-head with a friend. Then, pick a card category: fLICKS (movies), PRRsons & PURRfessions (aka famous people, characters or job titles), or CAT-tivities (actions). Then it's time to start sketching but with one condition: You must use a cat cut-out in your drawing. So choose a cat, slide it under the sheet on your dry-erase board and it's go time. 

When you are playing head-to-head, players simply try to guess what the other is drawing. The first player to guess five correctly wins the game. 

If you chose to play with larger groups, there is the added fun of going head-to-head to draw the same thing and have your teams race to earn points. In this mode of play, teams can earn extra points for also correctly guessing the opposing team's clues, too.

Is It Fun?

Drawing games are fun for the pure and simple pleasure of most people's drawing skills or lack there of, but adding cats into the mix create fun new challenges as well as opportunities to get creative with your drawings and interpretations of the cards. 

Who It’s For

The Cat Game is for ages 16 and up due to the content of some images you must recreate...with cats. This has more to do with the people you are playing and how they interpret the cards more so than the actual card prompts. We think this can age-grade down a bit, but still know your audience if playing with younger kids as well as when playing with people that may be easily offended.

What To Be Aware Of
One thing to note is that this game, while it does include markers for drawing does not include erasers. We used our own. If you don't have any though a paper towel works fine. We suggest wet-wiping it down after gameplay is over though since the markers do tend to stain a bit.

As of this review, this game is available exclusively at Target. 

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