Disney Princess Color Change Spa Review (Hasbro)

Disney Princess Color Change Spa
What It Is

Ariel is always up for a sea change, and with the Disney Princess Color Change Spa, kids can change the color of Ariel's mermaid tail and hair. This playset comes with an Ariel doll and a playset with a seat for the doll, a tub for her tail, and a storage shelf for a bottle accessory and sponge brush. With icy cold water, Ariel's mermaid fin changes from teal to purple. Dip the brush in the water and wipe it over her tail to see starfish and seashell details change color. Even Ariel's blue hairstreak will change color when brushed or dipped in water. The color-change effect disappears when dry so kids can do it all over again.

Is It Fun?

Young fans of Ariel will like making the doll swim around on all sorts of imaginative adventures and then stopping in at the spa for a beauty treatment. The magic of the color change is easy to do and fun to watch, and kids will like making it happen over and over again. 

Who It’s For

The Disney Princess Color Change Spa is for fans of The Little Mermaid ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly instructions are on the bottom of the box, so don't throw it away. It's very easy to assemble the playset.

Because this involves water, you might want to cover the play space or play in an area where it's okay if water spills.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy