LeapPad Ultimate Review (LeapFrog)

LeapPad Ultimate
What It Is

There have been many versions of the LeapPad over the years, constantly changing to keep up with technology and design, just like in the adult world of electronics. The LeapPad Ultimate is just one of the newest versions and options to choose from for parents who are looking to give their kids an age-appropriate tablet experience with lots of fun and educational content built right in. 

This wifi-enabled tablet has a shatter-resistant seven-inch touch-capacitive screen with a built-in stylus. And when kids enter the tablet's home page, they'll see a variety of pre-loaded apps, ebooks, and games, such as Pet Pad Party, Pet Chat, Photo Fun Ultra, Letter Factory Adventures: The Great Shape Mystery Video, Letter Factory Flash Cards, Pet Pals: Dog Show Detectives Interactive Storybook, Cosmic Cleanup Science Game, and Pet Pals Hide & Seek Puzzle Game.

There is even access to LeapSearch, the kid-safe web browser that comes with several LeapFrog-approved websites that kids can visit, plus parents can add in their own websites, too.

There are 2MP front and back cameras for taking photos and videos, a music player app that includes 10 songs, and five utility apps: clock, calendar, voice memo, calculator, and notepad. Parents also have access to the LeapFrog Learning Library to download more content for their children.

It operates on the Brio operating system, has 8GB of memory, and a headphone jack for quiet play. It's also compatible with LeapFrog cartridges.

The LeapPad Ultimate comes in green or pink. Each is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

There are now really two main LeapFrog tablets on the market: the LeapFrog Epic and the LeapPad Ultimate. The Epic definitely has more features (and a higher price point), but if you don't need more memory, open web browsing, or access to LeapFrog Academy, then the LeapPad Ultimate will be a great choice. It still has a lot of great built-in learning play that you can always expand and a sleek design that's all about helping little kids feel big with a tablet of their very own.

Who It’s For

The LeapPad Ultimate is for ages 3 to 9. This gives an age-appropriate and fun tablet experience to young kids who want to have their own tablet just like mom and dad. It's probably going to be best for kids on the younger end of the age range.

What To Be Aware Of

The LeapPad Ultimate runs on a rechargeable battery. You can charge it using the included AC adapter or by plugging it into a computer or USB port with the included USB cable. It can take up to five hours to get a full charge, and the tablet has a six-hour battery life, but that is dependent on how the child uses the tablet.

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