Baby Pixel 5.0" Touchscreen Color Video Monitor Review (Summer Infant)

Baby Pixel 5.0
What It Is

The new Baby Pixel 5.0" Touchscreen Color Video Monitor sees baby, hears baby, and senses baby. Its main point of difference from other video baby monitors is SleepZone Virtual Boundary technology that senses a baby's movement and alerts parents when the safe boundary is breached. So that means if you have a wiggly infant or a climbing toddler, when the child crosses the virtual boundary on the screen, you'll hear a sound on the handheld device to let you know the boundary has been crossed. There are two boundary box size items to choose from - large or small - and you can adjust where the box is on the screen.

The baby monitor also has a lot of other high-tech features. Its moonlite Night Vision Boost lights up the viewing area for a full-color view of baby in the dark. And the monitor has 360Tilt Camera Steering and zoom features that can be controlled right from the handheld unit so you can always keep your baby in view. You can also turn on the Vox feature so that when the handheld's screen is in power save mode, it will automatically turn on when the camera detects a sound. 

There is also a Talkback feature so you can talk to your baby through the handheld device, a sound-activated LED light bar on top of the handheld that lights up when it picks up noises, and a nightlight function on the camera that lights up in either red or blue. This can be turned on and off using the handheld.

And that's not to mention the handheld's touchscreen functionality that makes it feel more like a tablet than a baby monitor. On the screen itself, you'll be able to keep track of the time, the temperature, battery life, and reception. But pressing the menu button on top of the handheld opens up the touchscreen function buttons where you can adjust a variety of settings, access a variety of features, and even add another camera. Up to four cameras can be added, and additional cameras are sold separately.

Plus, you can place the camera on a flat surface, such as tabletop or shelf, or mount it on a wall using the provided screw and wall anchor. Security clips are also included to secure the cord against the wall and keep the cord away from baby's reach.

Why Is It Useful?

This provides triple peace of mind for parents. You can hear baby, you can see baby, and you get notified if your child is moving around too much. Probably not that big a deal for babies, unless you're concerned about your baby rolling over on his or her tummy at night, but if you've gotten to that stage, there's not much you can do. The boundary alerts might be helpful, however, if you've got a toddler who likes to climb, and you're concerned that he might try to climb out of the crib. It won't prevent climbing, but it will alert you to the movement past that virtual boundary. If you like all the great features of this baby monitor, but you think that the extra technological touch of the SleepZone Virtual Boundary is something you'll need, then this is the ideal baby monitor for you.

Who It’s For

The Baby Pixel 5.0" Touchscreen Color Video Monitor is a baby monitor for adult use with babies from birth and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It takes seven hours for the handheld unit to get a full charge.

You can add up to four cameras to the handheld unit. Additional cameras are sold separately.

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